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Latest Northern Ireland weather forecast
…Today's weather forecast for Northern Ireland. For a full weather update… for Northern Ireland

Timeline: Ireland and abortion
…A referendum will take place on 25 May on whether to reform Ireland's strict… banned in Ireland in 1861 by the Offences Against the Person Act, and stays in place… Ireland, in New York and London. However, the ruling is later overturned by Ireland's

Abortion referendum: 'Ireland made me feel like an exile'
… a termination. But because she lives in Ireland, where abortion is illegal, she had… campaigning to legalise abortion in Ireland because of her experience. Ireland's abortion… the law that makes abortion illegal, or repeal it. Ireland has a near-total ban…

Ireland country profile
Ireland emerged from the conflict that marked its birth as an independent state… of an international bailout, Ireland has been recovering once more. Its strong literary… and musical traditions, as well as its long history of emigration, have given Ireland

Ireland profile - Timeline
… following centuries of unrest over British dominion in Ireland. 1916 - Nationalists… crown with full internal self-government rights, partitioned from Northern Ireland… which remains part of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Rural v urban: Ireland's abortion divide?
…In one week's time people in the Republic of Ireland will vote on whether… living in Ireland's cities see the issue differently from those living in its…

Ireland's abortion referendum explained
…Voters in the Republic of Ireland are set to decide on the future…

Northern Ireland drug offences rise by 20%
…The number of drug offences recorded by the PSNI increased by 20% last year, reaching their highest level since current records began. There were a total of 6,502 recorded offences in 2017/18, compared to 5,416 the year before. The PSNI…

Royal wedding 2018: Who's going from Northern Ireland?
… and celebrities - who from Northern Ireland is going to the royal wedding? More than 2,500…

Ireland abortion poll: Campaign enters its final week
… province of Connacht in the west of Ireland from her enemies. Some say that in more… of Ireland already has abortion with nine women leaving every day for British pregnancy… historically the most liberal part of the republic of Ireland. It was this and other port…